Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Fed up with looking out of the kitchen window

and seeing this HUGE pile of logs.

There are a dozen other things I probably "ought" to have done this afternoon, preparing vegetable beds, creosoting the fences, clearing up cherry roots are the three which spring easily to mind, but I didn't want to do any of them. Which is why I spent a breezy, sunny, birthday afternoon hauling timber.

And who thought that with increasing age comes sense and rational behavior?

Not bad for a couple of hours work. Just think how much more I could have accomplished had I not spent the morning on the phone, gone to Sainsbury's and spent an hour looking at a new gardening book?


  1. Maybe you would have achieved more but it was your birthday so you deserved to take some time off and look at your new book.

    A belated many happy returns.

  2. Oh! you kept that quiet - I knew it was coming up, but you didn't say when. Happy Birthday - I do hope that you were spoilt!

    I think that 'before' and 'after' photos are really useful so you can see what you've done - especially with some of your bigger log-moving jobs, it's easy to get overwhelmed, and this way you can see progress. Good motivation and all that.

  3. Thank you Angela.

    Hazel - when you've had as many as I have there is little need to publicise the event. Next year, however, has a zero on the end - not sure yet whether I am going for the Full Monty or complete denial!

    and yes, the before and after pictures are, sometimes, the only thing that keep me going!

  4. Don't listen Hazel - she's 11 years younger than me - now you can work it out! Nobbut a bairn!

  5. Oh you big snitch, you! And there was me thinking Flummery was my friend ?

  6. Where moving timber is concerned, I think little and often is much more productive than trying to do it all at once. Sounds like you made good use of your special day!

  7. Thanks SewAli, maybe with advancing years there does come a small modicum of sense? I may have finally realised that little and often might just be how to get results at Bag End! hugs, Bilbo


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