Thursday, 14 May 2009

Do they mean me?

A brief and amusing diversion at the website of the Hardy Plant Society.

As for the final paragraph - a score of more than three? Sheesh, even the dog could score more than that!

I will not admit to my own score, just that I am obviously a completely hopeless case (even though I know exactly where my car keys are!)


  1. Oh dear! My score was immense. and I don't even HAVE car keys!

  2. Nearly as bad here - I'm eyeing up other people's lawns!

  3. That's OK Hazel, I read something recently about some idea where you cultivated some else's garden and split the produce with them . . . sort of like an allotment in your own street? Think you'd need a very clear agreement with the householder though.

  4. Oh Dear!!! I scored more than three.......but then this is the sily/stuid old lady who is tryig to grow three tomato plants in a green house that has previously had large dark red poppies growing in it - it is now covered (hundreds of them) in little poppy seedlings - and they are going to swamp the toms if I leave the much longer - I know they won't transplant so why am I reluctant to pull them out and let the toms grow? I have already allowed one plant to get to four foot tall and am in danger of being blocked out of the greenhouse because of it's position right by the door!

  5. Granny darling, you are neither silly or stupid - I suspect I too would leave the poppies!


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