Friday, 1 May 2009

Disaster Zone (3)

It had taken much longer than we hoped to get these stumps out and the clearing up was not as thorough as any of us would have liked, but I guess that is not the end of the world.

John had always wanted to turn over the vegetable beds for me and that was his final half hour before packing up. In hindsight, I should have taken away the turf before he turned the soil but that's for another post.

Mr Hairy came to investigate the mess which that Monster had made.

"S'OK Mum, you don't need that big machine, I can do digging"

After our scare on Friday, I didn't think I would ever see him dig again. If chucking soil all over the place makes him happy, he can excavate as much as his little heart desires.

I hadn't thought through just how much RUBBISH we were going to be left with. There is definitely a bonfire on the agenda. Trouble is, the two biggest stumps can't be moved (too heavy) and chopping them up is going to do the chainsaw chain no good at all . . .

The two biggest cherry stumps

Three "smaller" ones (2 x Leylandii, 1 x cherry)

The eucalyptus stump, in many pieces


  1. So good to see Mr Hairy up and about and dare I say it, up to no good! But then again I know what you'd give to have him back to his normal self.

    Good luck disposing of the aliens - perhaps you'd better call in Mulder and Scully.

  2. Wow! Veg beds!!

    Sorry, getting all excited. Glad to see The Hairy One in digging mode again.

  3. Thanks guys, because of the dreaded blog-lag I am way behind in keeping Bag End up to date. The digging actually happened 4 days after the "collapse episode" and I know you both understand how wonderful it was to see him back to normal.

    James, you always said you wanted to make a "significant" contribution to Bag End - those cherry stumps are all yours if you want to spend Whitsun doing something really stupid!!!

    Flum, have you had any private messages from me in the last week? I think it is more than Yahoo playing silly wotsits.

  4. Hurrah! The end is in sight! It's a good job that grass is so resiliant, looking at the caterpillar tracks - but yes, proper veg beds (very nearly!)

    Looking at your pics, I thought that you had a sheep in the garden for a moment - so glad Mr H is up and enjoying himself.

    Oh - and my colleague Rita asks 'have you got a wood burning stove, and how long will the log store keep you going for?'

  5. Sorry - meant to ask - have you been left with stump sized craters, and if so, what's the plan to fill them in?

  6. Hi Hazel, please tell Rita the wood-burning stove is being fitted this summer and received wisdom is that we have about 6 winters worth of logs!

    The craters were filled in (very roughly) with the largest bits of wood pulled out first. I know there is much muck still in the soil but it's nothing compared to what was in there previously.

  7. Not heard from you other than by the blog and copied messages from the Yahoo group.

  8. Let the planting begin.

    Your 'lawn' looks a bit of a mess but I guess it will recover.

  9. Is that a dog or a dog/sheep hybrid! xx

  10. So glad that Mr Hairy is well enough ot go and explore holes and turn over the soil for you! a pleasure to see!!!

    The grass will recover - and the veg will grow - soon the tree stumps will be just memory - enjoy the good weather for a while and relax girl!

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  12. Dear all,

    Many thanks for the supportive comments.

    Matron, you are "nearly" right (giggle), he's a Sheep Dog. (well, he is - Beardies are a working breed!!)


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