Thursday, 30 April 2009

Disaster Zone (2)

The last cherry stump was a monster with horizontal roots as thick as my leg.

One of the smaller lateral roots

Which reached a frightening distance - still want to plant a cherry tree near your house?

The lateral root between the digger bucket and central trunk is thicker than my body . . .

And looked like something John Hurt battled with in Alien as it came out of the ground


  1. The best words in this post are 'the last cherry stump'. It's a brute, isn't it?

  2. Cor blimey - that looks worse than giving birth!

  3. And you were upset because you couldn't get the thing out with a trowel ????

  4. Done. Finished. Finito. Dusted.

    Let the veggie plot begin in earnest - hopefully you will at least manage to get a salad crop from it this year.

  5. Bless you all, she says smiling/grimacing having spent three hours chopping up Leylandii brush (bonfire planned for the next week or so)

    Hazel - I may never plant another cherry again . . . of course, I reserve the right to change my mind but right now they are NOT my favourite species!

    Flummery - think John Hurt's tummy in Alien, it was pretty gross!

    SewAli - LOL!!!! If only I'd known, and I wasn't trying to dig up the big one

    James - hmmm, not exactly, in part 3 you will see what we have to get rid of, so not quite totally finito until those roots are gone. As for the veggie plot, if I can get a few things in for the winter (asparagus, perpetual spinnach, garlic and so on) I'll be happy.

  6. I know I warned you that they would be b****rs to remove, BUT, I didn't think they would be this big! The one we moved from our daughters front garden was no where near as big as these!

    I'm glad that the one outside our old house is no longer our concern! the roots of that one went over 30ft out to the main was put in when the builders had finished and landscapers were planting! the house is now nearly 40 years old and the tree is still there!

  7. They definately were monsters, but at least they are now out of the ground.

  8. Good grief. Bet you're glad you gave up on the going the DIY route now aren't you?


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