Monday, 20 April 2009

Who knew setting out could take this long?

This momentous event deserves a post all of its own!

Who knew that marking out an area could take so flippin' long? No wonder builders always seem to be standing around just "looking". I was having one of those spatially-challenged Sunday afternoons and managed to spend two hours pegging out perfect parallelograms until Management returned from a bike ride and pointed out in 5 minutes where I'd gone wrong . . . Actually, I had already worked out that the base line I was using (front hedge) wasn't right and if he'd ridden another 20 miles I might have managed to fix things on my own!
The cherry stump continues to be in the way
When John was assessing the nemesis that is the cherry stump he suggested if I mark out exactly where I want the raised beds before he arrives, then whilst the digger is here he'll scrape off the top few inches of lawn, that could save me hours of work with the Mantis.
The plot is on a slope . . . deal with it, all photos are going to look drunk! The large pegs in the ground are where cherry roots are so close to the surface that I have to be careful with the lawnmower.
It all looks rather splendid (although surprisingly small), and Management is very happy to find we still have 60 feet from the end of the timbers to the fence (that's across the width of the front). Plenty of room for a little bit of "proper" lawn and a big wildlife pond. I think he's temporarily forgotten the plan for compost bins which are also going against that fence . . .
The View From the front door - strewth, this looks so neat and tidy it must belong to someone else!

Whoo hoo - creating not destroying!!!


  1. Crack open the champagne and celebrate. It must seem like you've really turned a corner.

  2. So real gardening coming up soon......yipee!
    You have been working really hard while I was sitting on the beach in the sun!

  3. Thanks Angela, yes, it does feel like we've made a bit of progress although that feeling has been somewhat dampened by the carry-on with the water supply and dowsing rods!

    Granny - what is this "sitting on a beach in the sun" thing? Activity like that doesn't happen in my world

  4. Seeing the protective cage in the background (on Dowsing) makes me hope that no Dactylorhiza fuchsii are lurking dormant in the area of your raised beds. Any sign of growth this year since you know their exact location?

  5. You're being telepathic again, aren't you?

    YES!!! Last time I looked (at the weekend) there was nothing in the cage at the front but the plant at the back (near kitchen) has about 2" of new growth. Definitely spotted leaves, definitely orchid. Both sites are currently safe from all plans to repair and renovate. Must photograph - but not now, cold, wet, low cloud (and thankfully, no men with shovels and dowsing rods!)


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