Saturday, 11 April 2009

"We've only ever got to do this once"

Which is what Management and I keep reminding ourselves as the interminable clearing up continues.

Good Friday - a complete day off as I continued to rest the shoulder and Himself crashed out after a very hard week of about 1,000 miles of business travel.

Saturday - we've been meaning to cut back over-hanging branches across the back fence for months. Every time the council contractors come to cut the grass on the public land they get smacked in the face but are exceptionally pleasant about it and keep telling me not to worry when I apologise for STILL having not removed the obstructions. Himself wielded the Big A** Pole Pruner and I then spent three hours chopping up the debris.

Whilst I did that, he stacked more logs on the two long piles and then set to with the brush-hook (again) to continue cleaning up logs from the bottom of the garden. He's starting to resemble Ray Mears the way he handles this very large, very sharp blade! Whilst he did that, I cleaned and cleared up around the Coppice area.

K. turned up Saturday tea-time to ask if he could work tomorrow. We thought he was doing something else over Easter but it will be great to have another set of muscles to move logs. Guess that's Easter Sunday taken care of . . . photos at the end when it is looking better!


  1. Is Management starting to look like Ray Mears a good or a bad thing? Personally I'd rather have Diarmuid Gavin in my garden.

  2. Giggle! He doesn't look like RM but is swinging a machete-like billhook around like a pro. You are welcome to DG, I wouldn't have him within sight of any garden of mine.


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