Monday, 6 April 2009

"There's a tractor at the bottom of the drive . . .

. . . and it's got an awfully big trailer attached".

So said Management early on Monday morning. Sadly not enough time to take any photos, we had to get the cars moved quick! What a great start to the week - Chris was here with a double sized trailer full of well rotted cow muck which he skillfully tipped onto the tarpaulins.
This lot is rotted more than the first delivery and doesn't appear to have any uncomposted straw in it
I saw the farmer, John, later in the day and was delighted to be told "they clean the cows out on Monday mornings, there'll be another load next week if you want it".

When I took a bottle of Glenlivet up to the farm last week to say "thank you" I was told that my gift had been unnecessary, (but appreciated and accepted!) We don't think it was unnecessary at all, I reckon it will turn out to have been one of our better horticultural investments (although we did have to virtually fight with Chris this morning to get him to accept a few quid as a thank you for actually bringing the muck down).


  1. Cor - good looking muck, that!

    Is there any point in telling you not to go diving in and trying to shift all that lot at once? No, I thought not! Careful of your back!

  2. You'll be pleased (if not a little surprised) to hear that right now I have NO PLANS to move any of it - my shoulder won't let me and until I get Matilda out and rotavate the bottom of the beds there is nowhere to move it to!

  3. I agree with hazel - good looking much - no straw in sight!
    Have you come out in sympathy? 007 has shoulder ache too - had it for a few weeks now - will he go to the Doc's - will he heck! just takes Ibroprofen! and carries on as usual - he is shifting top soil for a friend today!!! JK is also working, so they are both going to be aching tomorrow!

  4. Hmm, naughty giggle - wonder why both 007 and I have sore shoulders? I had to take ibuprofen in the night 'cos it was hurting and woke me up. About time I hunted out the TENS machine, I think.

  5. Re this post and the previous one, I wonder if your farmer friend could/would put something round your cherry stump and yank it out with his tractor. I bet he knows how to sort out problems like that very quickly, they've got all the gear!

  6. Thanks SewAli, you are absolutely right and I wish we could do this but I don't think we can/ought to for two reasons. The first is that I do not want to be appearing to take advantage and the second is that I have subsequently discovered the farmer is a friend of John who has felled the trees; he knows John has worked for us and asking the farmer "for a favour" might be construed as taking business from his mate . . . very difficult this country stuff, everyone knows everyone!

  7. Don't annoy the countryside Mafia!

    Gorgeous looking stuff though - you could almost eat it.

    I did say ALMOST!

  8. Erm - I think that normal peeps might think we are all a bit odd now...? I only mention this en passant, of course...


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