Friday, 3 April 2009


At 8.30 this morning we had three Red Squirrel in the garden at the same time. Thick fog has descended and it is difficult to see as far as the fence, not good photography weather.

Two of the squirrel are quite mad; they're been coming here for the last week and have not completely worked out the food supply. One eats fallen sunflower seeds from the bird feeder or scrabbles around under the rowan tree looking for dropped hazelnuts.
(Taken yesterday when there was not almost impenetrable pea-soup)
The other really hasn't worked out the hazelnut feeder at all - it climbs inside, gets a nut, brings it out and eats it on the feeder roof, and then repeats the performance!

We think these are youngsters - they're much smaller than Blondie or Newbie but they have ear tufts so they've been through one winter. Perhaps they are last years babies looking for a new home to have their own kittens? Now THAT would be a sight to see!
Two here - one upside down behind the peanut feeder
This one's got to be Batman . . .


  1. Aren't they cute?

    We've got the rubbish weather too!

  2. I'm sorry, girls, I have your sunshine. You would have been welcome to it today, too - just as long as you give it back tomorrow.

    Love the reds, Bilbo.

  3. Flummery - so cute in fact, that I've just stopped at Birds' Bistro on the way back from Appleby and bought a box for them. According to the Penruddock experts, it's not too late to put it up.

    Hazel - we'd like to get logs shifted this weekend, mind if we share the big yellow ball in the sky?

  4. Three squirrels? now one was great - two? well they look cute when they play together - BUT three? now I call that just plain greedy! and you want more?

    Good luck with the new squirrel home Bilbo - with luck you will have more - and babies at that - so much fun for you to watch.....luck you!

  5. that should read - LUCKY You - havin probs with the old fingers this morning!

  6. Hi Granny, hate to tell you this but we believe there are FOUR regular visitors.


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