Saturday, 18 April 2009

Red Squirrel antics continue

We are now certain of four different individuals visiting the garden almost daily. Two are much larger, perhaps fully mature animals, and the other two are considerably smaller and very stupid - perhaps they are young from last year entering their first breeding season?

Helping to establish a hazel coppice, whether I want nuts planted in the lawn or not!

Eating buds/flowers on the Sugar Maple tree

Discovering conveniently placed sunflower seed hearts outside the Utility Room


  1. I hope these delightful creatures find your new nesting box Bilbo!

  2. Last year the grey who pops by every now and again ate a whole load of the sticky buds from the big horse chestnut tree, although he didn't seem to go for it this year.

    Maybe this year's nesting sites have been settled by now, but they'll have all year to get used to the Squirrel Shack for next year's house hunting!

  3. Aren't they characters? Almost as good as chickens!


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