Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Dowsing, part one

The weather has changed and this morning brought a bitterly cold wind and low cloud. A great day for hunkering down inside, catching up on paperwork and maybe some sewing.

Plans + Bag End = failure.

8.00am: phone call from Brian, he's got his dowsing rods, alright if he comes round? Now? So much for my lie-in and lazy day.

Seeing him slowly quarter across the back of the garden near the log store was amazing. I was watching his hands like a hawk - no way was he faking where the rods crossed and soon we had identified the line of our main telephone cable (way too close to one of the cherry stumps . . .) and where our water mains appeared to be.

There followed a period of skilled and intense digging - this is a man who knows how to dig a hole efficiently and without waste of energy. If we were in Lancashire I'd think he was digging a witches pit near Pendle* - this hole got deeper, and deeper, and deeper. Brian refused to stop or be daunted, cheerfully telling me "the last one I found near Isel was 5 foot down".

Rain stopped play around 1.00 and he went off to work on something else for the afternoon.
There's not a lot you can do to make a hole in the ground look interesting!

Safely covered for the night, or so I thought.

After a trip into Cockermouth I decided to chill out for the afternoon, it's not often I sit and do nothing. Remember Plans + Bag End = failure? I had barely finished a mug of tea when a familiar white van reappeared on the drive. The weather had brightened and Brian refused to be beaten by a hole in the ground.

I eventually managed to "get rid" of him after 7.00 when the hole was more than 4 foot deep and I needed supper. He was not happy that the water pipe was still hiding.

* Great stories about witches in the "south of the county" in these Joseph Delaney books. Written for children, there are quite a few adults who have enjoyed them too.


  1. If he can dig a hole that well maybe you should hire him to dig out your Cherry tree stumps.

  2. Very good point . . . . {giggle}, he's good but not very fast and I think on balance the digger will be quicker and cheaper!

  3. Looks like he would have no trouble securing a job as a gravedigger - I've never seen such neat digging!


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