Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Dowsing, intermission!

The missing water pipes might be frustrating, and the amount of soil that has come out of the hole is horrendous but one good thing has come of all this. I've got my "test pit" that Mrs Flummery (with her 'archaeologist hat' on) didn't come to dig!

The soil is very much better than I could ever have hoped for (well, certainly in this part of the garden - Bag End is large enough that it could be very different somewhere else). Nearly 12" of topsoil, sadly with very few earthworms and in much need of organic material. Then what must technically be subsoil but it is really very good, I've had gardens where the topsoil was worse than this!

In Hampshire, I hit solid, wet, sticky, blue clay if I dug more than one spit deep. By the time Brian had finished on Tuesday night we were at more than 48" deep and although the soil is definitely "clay" and will clump when squeezed hard, this had great potential and a few years (10, 20?) of adding as much organic material as possible and I could have something rather special here.

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