Thursday, 2 April 2009

Don't do this at home . . .

Don't get caught out with the light evenings as we did. Gorgeous weather yesterday but commitments had already been made to deal with shopping, errands, and meet holidaying relatives in the afternoon therefore no progress at Bag End. However, at about 5.30, Management finishes work and we agree to "do a little bit" in the garden. Finish a cuppa, get changed, get outside at 6.00.

Decide to make a start on one of the remaining Leylandii

By 7.45 neither of us realised how late it had got, supper not even started, Hobbit with a very wobbly attack of the low blood sugars. Not to be recommended.

We did manage to demolish between a third and half of the brush on this tree, and I am trying very hard not to feel despondent about the never-ending piles of rubbish and brush. The current "plan" (ha ha ha) is to get the stuff cut up and stacked in the Coppice area and wait until November, then have another party and burn the whole lot all in one go. Great plan except for the amount of work actually involved in "cutting it all up and getting it stacked". Not difficult to see why playing with vegetable beds is such an attractive diversion at present.


  1. Oh boy - more tree felling and log shifting - I can see why you could get a bit down! But that's another thing to tick off the 'to do' list, and you WILL get to the end of it!

    Keep looking at that gorgeous view and think of all the delicious veg you will be eating in due course!

  2. Thanks Hazel, that's exactly the attitude we're taking, working on the basis that all of this stuff only ever has to be done once (a bit like you and the raised beds comment - never having to be dug again, whooppee!)

  3. At least now you have a choice of activities, digging, chopping or shifting. Before you know it it will be all the weeding you'll be moaning about.

  4. LOL!!!

    Angela, if I was bonkers enough I could already add weeding to the list but I'm currently taking the attitude that a weed is only a plant growing in the wrong place and right now, I'll take whatever is on offer at Bag End, there are so few plants that anything (except Ground Elder) is welcome.

  5. Think of the ground elder as chicken feed Bilbo. I've been saving some chickweed (what else) and a few bumper dandelions for them!

  6. More LOL!! Flummery darling, you've seen Bag End - the entire garden is hen heaven.

    When I finally get my girls and they've "weeded" the whole place for me what will I/they do? They'll complain about a drop in their standard of living. (I know the answer really - sow something especially for them!)

  7. Hmm - I do love 'before and after' pictures as you can see what you've acheived - but looking at yours again, I have noticed something odd.

    In the first piccy with Man Wielding Big Chainsaw, there is a bright yellow forsythia/winter flowering jasmine (sorry, can never remember the difference!) to the right of the left hand silver birch. In the second piccy with Absence Of Brush, the yellow flowers seem to have gone...

    Trick of the light, or shortest flowering period in the history of botony?? Or should I just get out more...? {grin}

  8. Sorry Hazel, trick of the light. Second pic taken early (8.00ish) next morning when sunlight was shining directly on forsythia. It's still there, honest, although will be getting a very severe haircut immediately after flowering!

    Brownie points for eagle-eyed obs though {grin}


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