Sunday, 5 April 2009

Cherry Stump 1, Hobbit 0

I know we got a lot done this weekend but the main feeling is one of frustration. Despite the best attentions of three determined people, a chainsaw, pick axe, sledgehammer, 6' long crowbar and various other tools, the cherry tree stump did not budge - not the merest smidgen of an inch. We're now resigned to the fact that it's going to take a large, expensive bit of machinery to remove the bl**dy things, sigh.

The rest of the weekend was considerably more productive. Neil not available, so assisted by K. we got a lot of clearing up done.

Whatever I did to my shoulder at the beginning of last week whilst attacking the cherry stump isn't getting any better, so I was reduced to coffee making and fence painting (which can be done one handed!).

Management finished off the tree which had been annoying him,

and then set to and cleaned* up all the timber which is next to the Log Store so it is now ready to be added to one of the big piles.

He then stacked all the timber which K. had moved, I'm really looking forward to putting some of this in the wood burner!
This should keep us going for quite a few winter evenings!
On Sunday, he cleaned the entire pile down by the front fence - there's a colossal amount of timber here, more than we realised.

Look at the foreground of this second picture, what an absolute mess. I'm getting very close to my tolerance limit for a garden full of debris.
*using a billhook on every log to remove small twiggy bits that get in the way when you try to stack them

K. shifted logs from various parts of the garden, a lot of logs,

and also took a spade and rake and cleared away the soil which was banked up against the outside edge of the back fence. It must be many years since this has been done and some of the staves have started to rot at the bottom where they've been buried.

We will have to pull away the soil on the inside as well.

I painted as much as I could before exhaustion set in on Sunday afternoon, only a quick coat of creosote but it will hopefully stop things getting any worse this summer. Comments from neighbours have been favourable, which is fortunate when you're making the place stink of creosote on a Sunday afternoon! It is our intention to do it all again in the Autumn to give the timber a very thorough soaking prior to next Winter.


  1. It looks like you've caught the rotting on the staves at a relatively superficial level, and the creosote should stop any further damage.

    You are also going to have to stop stacking logs soon, or you won't be able to see out of the windows... {grin}

  2. thanks Hazel, yes, we think we've got to the staves before the damage is beyond repair.

    As for those log piles, hmm yes, they are getting a bit on the big side!

  3. Hey Bilbo, are you going to be selling logs this winter - many more and you will have to start stacking them round the front of the house too....... Grin!

    The fences look good for a coat of creosote - do those at the back bit by the church good too, after years of being under so many trees.

  4. No Granny, we won't be selling logs but I've had a couple of "chancers" at the front door asking if I'd like them to "take the logs away for me to clear up the garden".

    Err, I don't think so. Shutting door quick before I burst out laughing!

  5. I wonder what the red box is that looks like it is clamped/mounted on the top bar of the fence in the pic under 'Kenny shifted logs...'?

    Thought it was a post mounted letter box at first, but that seems somewhat unlikely...?

  6. Good morning Eage-Eyed Hazel! It is a bird box, an open-fronted one for robins and the like. I had more boxes to find homes for than I have accessible trees so thought I'd try this, no residents yet, but none of our boxes seem to have been taken up this year. Not surprising, I did put them up extremely late, at least they will be "well seasoned" by next Spring!


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