Monday, 27 April 2009

Change of plans (again!)

Mr Hairy had a very quiet Sunday, not surprising really - suspect it was delayed shock once the drugs had worn off.

After a long conversation this morning with Helen Gould we decided to postpone the acupuncture until Thursday. Ollie is obviously stressed, we did not want to add to his distress with a car journey and he cannot be relied upon to "enjoy" his complementary therapy and has had to be muzzled on a couple of previous occasions.

When he is stressed he always reacts in the same way, and despite being the cleanest, most house-trained lad you could wish for, accidents do happen - so a carpet cleaning company is visiting tomorrow to see if the hall rug can be rescued.

And as if that wasn't enough excitement - John Lowe is planning on bringing the digger round and removing tree stumps tomorrow. Never a dull moment at Bag End!


  1. Hope His Hairiness is feeling better this morning.

  2. Sorry to hear about your traumatic experience with Ollie last week. I hope he and you and Max are all feeling much better. A nasty shock for all of you!


  3. Although I won't be doing all my 'catching up' till later today, I had to pop a comment up to say I'm thinking of you all - and hugs to Ollie!

  4. Hazel, thank you so much. Welcome home! Hope you've had a great time (there was meant to be a long 'welcome back' email sitting waiting for you but that never happened . . . sorry :{ )

  5. Jill - I am ~SO~ sorry, blogger is set up to send me a copy of all comments but for some reason it failed to tell me about your visit to Bag End (home from home, huh?)

    Thank you for caring about Ollie, it is his 14th birthday today but he does not want to get off the bed to celebrate. When I think only a month ago I feared he wouldn't get to today I know how blessed I am to still have this crazy little dog sharing our lives.


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