Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Tuesday diary

Early trip to Appleby because our vet asked to change Ollie's acupuncture appointment to 11.30 (or earlier if the roads were clear, which they were).

Keswick on way home to drop off one of the chainsaw chains for sharpening.
Stop at the top of Gale Road to give Himself a walk. Went to Whit Beck and back without stumbling or seeming too tired and had a lovely paddle and shout in the beck, although once we were home he went into a solid sleep from which he appears to have no intention of returning!

Gardening: Put up most of the bird boxes, now got 11 up and one more looking for a home. Cleared logs, dried leaves and general rubbish from plinth at back of house. Getting the knack of the Pole Pruner and took a bit more off the Magnolia, it's a bit late to be doing this but as with all things in the garden - it's got two choices! Given how my back feels this morning, this may not have been a terribly good idea.

Took turf off vegetable area in three places to see what the soil was like - surprisingly good! At least one spit deep, not full of stones. Either I found a builders' dumping ground or someone has tried to improve the clay soil at some point with a load of sand . . .

and a nice surprise, finding this pretty clump of daffodils and crocus tucked out of sight behind a log pile.


  1. So you CAN find good things in a wood pile. Thinking of Cold Comfort Farm - but that was a Wood Shed I believe!

  2. You're mad, gloriously mad, but also very clever - both reasons why I love you!

  3. Are you really on that much of a slope, or is it just how I'm looking at the photo??

  4. Nah, it was me crouching on ground in wellies and dressing gown early this morning!!!

    We are on a slight slope but nothing precipitous!


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