Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Tuesday afternoon

I wasn't going to do this either . . . but the sun was shining and it was too beautiful outside not to spend three hours messing around. This was the glorious view as I worked.

This is sort of how the log piles looked after Neil moved all those barrow loads (the dumped logs on the right). I've already stacked some onto the big piles, if I do a few every time I work outside I keep telling myself eventually it will all be stacked.

Before and After

At least now I have another incentive to get this done - this is where the shed and greenhouse are going so I want to get this area cleared and keep it that way.

After clearing up a load of leaves and dead fern which had been laying around all winter

it was time to make a start on the Veggie Plot. That top corner is a favourite resting place for the Hairy One, he's going to get a terrible shock when I start digging it up! South east facing and sloping gently away from the house - I suspect that slope is going to drive me nuts once I start to put in the raised beds.

Nothing more exciting than mowing the grass - but it was grass that had been left long at the end of summer as the cut which our "ex" lawn chaps were going to do never happened (which is why they are "ex") so it was long, fallen, matted, wet, horrible - the ground is now more like pasture than a front lawn. To my surprise, the old electric rotary mower managed to get through it and the compost heap benefited hugely. Note to self - buy a pitchfork from local ag. supplier, got to be easier for turning and mixing than using a garden fork?

Pasture, and there there are the stumps from the cherry trees which are going to have to come out.

It looked a heck of a lot better this morning; this is the view from the front door so it is understandable that Husband would like it to be pretty as well as practical.


  1. Thanks Flum. isn't that something to do with E M Forster? No, silly Hobbit, that was a Room with a View (giggle)

  2. Well then, that'll be a Garden Room with a View then, wont it...?


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