Monday, 2 March 2009

Tree Felling Summary

For my own benefit, a summary of what we have done in the past year

April 2008
30 Leylandii
1 Cherry
1 Elder

May 2008
3 Cherry

October 2008
5 Leylandii

February 2009
14 Leylandii
1 Sycamore

1 Magnolia
2 Acer, purpurea type
9 Silver Birch
2 Holly
1 Sugar Maple
3 Rowan
2 Cherry

Shrubs, large
6 Cotoneaster Cornuba
2 Juniper
1 Holly

Already Coppiced
2 Lilac
1 Silver Birch
1 Cotoneaster Cornuba
2 Holly
1 Hawthorn

At Christmas, one of our friends could not remember the house name when it came to sending us a card - he has a wonderful sense of humour and our postman isn't too stupid either, this is how Andrew's card arrived*. It's not unusual to keep Christmas cards from year to year, but in this case, I'll be keeping the envelope!

* no, not exactly how it arrived, I have blanked out a few personal details.


So there I am, chuntering on to myself, but it would be lovely to hear from you.

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