Saturday, 28 March 2009

Timber Delivery

This would have been a whole lot harder without a remote-controlled crane arm and a very helpful delivery man who positioned his lorry so that the whole load could be lifted over the hedge and straight into the veggie plot.

I was expecting the delivery to end up on the driveway and then spend the next goodness-knows-how-many-days shifting over 700kg of timber up 8 steep steps.

Yes, I've over-ordered - but at the price I was quoted it made sense to buy as much as I could squeeze onto the credit card.


  1. Construction, not destruction, how will you cope!!

  2. Substantial timber that, Bilbo!

    If you are going to paint it with preservative, can I suggest that you do it now - much less backbreaking than when it's in situ!

  3. Hi Angela, hmm - let me think about that for a nanosecond - yep, I've thought about it - I'll manage!

  4. Hi Hazel, I know you're right but I want to get on and build the beds - NOW.


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