Friday, 20 March 2009

Spring Equinox

When I was a kid I remember adults saying "time goes faster when you are grown up". At the time I thought "what a load of b*ll*cks" but now I am not so sure. How come we are three-quarters through March, where is the year going?

I know where this week has gone - nearly all of it in the garden thanks to a wonderfully warm, dry spell. Decided to carry on where I left off last night and tried to finish clearing up the front bed. Managed everything except half a dozen large (4" - 6") cherry suckers which were too firmly rooted, Management has agreed to come and help tomorrow morning.

Dug up over 20 ferns which, when the hedge was 10 feet tall and half over the pathway, lived in shade. Now the Escallonia is cut back they'll bake in the sunshine and not do well at all. Potted them up very roughly and after a thorough watering have set the pots into the shrubbery behind the house where they'll hopefully get enough shade until I find a permanent home for them.

Fortunate I moved them this morning because at lunchtime our first load of wonderful cow poo turned up! Very impressed with the reversing skill of young man and tractor, and now have a huge pile neatly in the middle of the tarpaulin. Once the cherry suckers are removed, we're going to move much of the cow manure plus the contents of the compost bin and fill the huge area between the wall and the Escallonia roots in "lasagne gardening" style - and then just leave the weather and worms do break it all down.

It will be interesting to see how the volume of the muck pile translates into filling a long border and will give us an idea of how many more trailer-loads we have to beg for to fill up the vegetable beds.


  1. Oooh, I love poo! I must be a mucky handed daughter of the soil but I do like a bit of the old muck and magic!


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