Sunday, 1 March 2009

Rain Stops Play

It rained most of the night and through into the morning so we had to call Neil and cancel todays log-shifting. Backwards and forwards with the wheelbarrow would cause too much compaction and damage to the soil and it's just not worth the longer term problems this will cause. Additionally, I realised his route from the large pile behind the house to where we want it will go straight over one of the Common Spotted Orchids, I need to create some heavy-duty protection!

The logs will wait for him . . .

We had plenty of other things to occupy us, like moving stuff around in the basement room and garage - a new heating boiler is being fitted tomorrow and we had to make room for the work to take place. I really don't want this, I hate the sort of disruption that this causes but we have no choice. The current boiler is nearly 25 years old, has an irregular-to-non-existent service history and is about as energy efficient as Jeremy Clarkson. Looking at the current boiler, it is a miracle that it hasn't broken down at some inconvenient point this winter.


  1. Blimey - 60 barrowloads!

    And just to think that I was moaning about a bit of a stiff neck the other day - hobbits are made of sterner stuff!

  2. Hazel, the truth must be told - it wasn't me! All those logs were shifted by the son of a friend, oh to be that young and that strong . . .


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