Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Not a good day to be without heating

Nothing, absolutely nothing, at Bag End is simple and straightforward. We are going through the unpleasant and expensive process of having a terribly old central heating boiler replaced.

Everything seemed to be OK at 5.00pm last night when the team left but by 6.00pm the house which I thought was warming up was getting colder. We are fortunate that the guy who owns the plumbing company lives at the other end of the village and after a quick phone call he came round in the dark and rain - and agreed things were not right (I'd already told him that . . .) Nothing could be fixed last night and typically, we woke to the sight of snow on every fell we can see. At 7.30am it was snowing heavily at the house and unsurprisingly, was 9 degrees in the icebox also known as my study.

Grisedale Pike and Ladyside Pike


High Crag, High Stile, Red Pike and Pillar in the far right background

The artifacts in the dark foreground of each picture are hailstones. It has been snowing and hailing on and off all day. No pictures of Skiddaw and Ullock Pike because they are swathed in thick cloud and probably getting another dump of white stuff.

Thankfully the boiler problem is now fixed and the house is finally warming up!

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  1. Central heating always gives up on the coldest days in winter. Thank goodness they managed to fix yours quite quickly.


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