Tuesday, 31 March 2009

No shortcuts

Sometimes there are no shortcuts, just the best part of a day sitting on the ground removing thick, heavy, wet clay soil about half a trowel at a time. To put this into perspective, I seriously considered moving logs all day because it would have been easier.

A small axe, secateurs and a pair of loppers were added to the arsenal today and finger-sized roots removed to give access to some of the larger ones. As Sewali pointed out yesterday, at least I have one vegetable bed that won't need rotavating to break up the soil at the bottom!

There are much worse ways to spend a day;

I was outside with a view of the fells and the Assistant Gardener eventually bothered to get up and spent the afternoon sitting keeping an eye on proceedings and barking at passing vehicles.

How can sitting down with a trowel all day HURT so much? I've already demolished a bottle of Grolsch, now a long soak in the bath beckons.

The long timber (which will be an edge of a raised bed) is propped into position to remind me WHY I am doing this.


  1. Well I can see progress.

    Shame the assistant gardener isn't younger as maybe then a well placed bone might encourage him to help with the digging.

  2. Yes, when younger he'd definitely have helped with the excavations!

  3. I can see good progress too, Bilbo - assuming that the shorter timber is 4', it puts the scale of your acheivements in perspective!

    Aren't any of your toys - sorry - tools helpful here?

  4. Thanks Hazel, yes that short stack of timber forunately happens to be exactly 4' so it shows the true size of the planned bed. Haven't yet cut any of the 8' sections in half otherwise I'd have had the real stuff on display {grin}.

    Essential gardening equipment (aka toys) will surely come out to play soon - one of the reasons I am taking so much soil out from under those roots (where possible) is so I can get in with the chainsaw in relative safety.

  5. this hole looks as though it's got to be a lot wider to get those roots out love!

  6. As in all endeavours, our Hobbit is obsessively tidy - where's all the flippin' soil that's come out????

  7. Granny B, we're not aiming to get all the roots out, only those which will be in the way in the vegetable bed. Those which will run under a path can stay there and rot quietly!

    SewAli, guilty as charged, Ma'am, all that soil is on a small tarp just to the left of the hole waiting to be put back when the stump is out.


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