Sunday, 22 March 2009

Muck and Muscle

Tarpaulins left in place for further loads - optimistic, that's me!
It's done . . . thanks to much help from Husband on Sunday morning every bit of a trailer-load of cow muck is now in position behind the front wall. Great feeling to have finally created something after twelve months of destruction. The bed cannot be planted in until the manure has rotted down, and we want to add topsoil and buy in some earthworms but at least we've made a start. The bed is 100 foot long and we've filled to a depth of between 6" and 12"(ground wasn't level to start with) and 24" back. Can't be bothered to do the maths but it's a lot!

Looking one way

and looking the other!
I am beyond tired - I expected to be stiff and achy today but surprisingly, the back and arms don't hurt as much as I expected. I'm just deep-down bone tired, even my brain has gone to mush.
Two of the cherry suckers, not things of beauty

Accomplished very little today, apart from washing inside a kitchen cupboard with bleach, washing everything from the cupboard, and buying new mouse traps - there's enough food and shelter in the garden for the furry little sods, wish they'd stay outside. Never thought I'd say this but am really looking forward to the forecasted spell of wet weather - enforced rest and no feeling guilty about not moving logs.


  1. Gosh! those suckers are almost trees already - must have been in the hedge for a few years me-thinks!

    We have a small furry creature in our garage - not doing any damage to anything except a sack of birdseed it found......DH has now rebagged that and put it in a metal cupboard - we didn't buy bird seed to feed mice!

  2. Thanks Granny, we made the same comment on Sunday, those were the largest two suckers and the central "trunk" bit is about 4"/5" in diameter.

  3. Cor - that's made me tired just looking at it!

    Yet again, though, a job Well Done which you can tick off your list...

  4. Thanks Hazel, am trying not to think about future loads (assuming we get them) because most of it will have to be taken up a slope alongisde 8 large steps. Definitely a job for "Neil the Muscle".

  5. The earth worms will make a bee-line for your muck heap - you won't have to buy any!plati

  6. That's assuming there are any worms in the first place - the little bit of digging I have done so far has been depressing for the lack of earthworms in the soil and the few I've found have been very pale and sad looking.

    I'm not going to rush out and order some but it is definitely an option for the future.


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