Wednesday, 11 March 2009

I wasn't going to do this

I was not going to put a bird box outside the study door, didn't fancy the inevitable bird poo every time I stepped out onto the balcony. All that changed this morning after I watched a pair of young Long Tailed Tits batter themselves half senseless as they pecked against the plastic sofit boards. They're obviously trying to nest because they have tiny little feathers in their mouths. I hope the little darlings appreciate this - it was a b*gger to put up.

Thanks to Viv at BTO for some advice. She said it is most likely that this will be used by Blue Tits who are aggressive little sods and will probably take over. Also, Long Tailed Tits rarely nest in boxes, using making their pretty round nests in hedges. We shall see . . . I'm going to sign up to the BTO's Nest Box Challenge and am extremely encouraged to learn that it is still not too late to put up boxes this year.

Plus the 3 which ran away before I could take their picture
I have a dozen new boxes and felt we needed to wait until all the Leylandii were down before I started positioning them. About half are up and I was getting a bit disheartened that I had not managed to finish this task. It is on my list of things to try and get done before the weekend . . .


  1. I have 20 bird boxes in the garden room. They are for our Britain in Bloom group's Spring Fair the day before Mothers' Day.

    We haven't room in our garden for more (got 4 already - and one's a sparrow box - 3 double rooms!) but we can try and saturate the village!

  2. I've heard of carpet bombing, is this carpet bird-boxing?


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