Saturday, 21 March 2009

I must be mad, quite, quite mad

Absolutely exhausted and therefore uncharacteristically brief - shifted about half that pile today, Management reckons I moved around 1 ton of manure! He helped a bit in the morning and was then given time off for good behaviour and took his bike out, he's working a 50+ hour week at present and I reckon he deserved to go out to play.

Apart from a small section of surprisingly fresh bedding straw, most of the pile is relatively dry (as opposed to horrid sludgy cow poo) and already partly broken down, smells really lovely and not unpleasant to handle (OK, I had gloves on!)

Am moving it all to the area in front of the Escallonia hedge. Himself helped remove the remaining half dozen large cherry suckers this morning and then we started shovelling sh*t! The bed is about 100 foot long, I'm going back around 2 feet from the wall and aiming for as deep as possible - basically we'll stop when the pile is gone. I've had a wonderful day but sheesh, I'm tired . . .


  1. Your hedge sure is going to be happy though! It's hard work moving this kind of stuff, but so satisfying. And you must be doubly happy to be doing "real" gardening at last!

  2. I'll join you for the back massage kiddo. Done some heavy digging and 'path laying' at the allotment today. I haven't got permanent edged paths - they are what I've heard referred to as 'lazy beds' - knowing me you won't be surprised!

    Well done that woman!

  3. Absolutely right SewAli, it was VERY hard work but wonderful to be creating something for once, rather that destroying it.

  4. Hi Flummery, wish you hadn't put the idea of a back massage into my head!

    This stuff is definitely harder to move than the 8 ton heap of topsoil that I moved in our last garden, might it have anything to do with being ten years younger when I did that? (oh, and that garden was completely flat, amazing how much of a slope there is up the pavement by the wall when you're dragging a trolley of muck)


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