Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Help from Hazel

That would be Hazel who grows some splendid veggies. We met via Mrs Flummery and when Hazel is bored at work and/or needs a damn good laugh she comes and sees what the Hobbits have been up to (well, that's what I reckon!)

However, my flabber was completely ghasted on Monday when I received a mail from her containing the following suggestion:

I'm so touched that someone took the time to make a plan of our proposed veggie plot and lay out all these beds. There is a total of 300 square feet of growing area (excluding the Nectar Bar) which is a great use of the space. Hazel made the important point that my beech hedge is going to be very greedy and crops planted close to it may not do so well, whereas a bed of pollen-rich annuals and perennials might not suffer so much (and the bees will love me for it).

With a bit of tweaking, I think we could be onto something. Thank you Hazel, you're a star!

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