Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Build a better mousetrap?

Someone has finally produced a mousetrap that works.

Bought two "Big Cheese" traps yesterday and although they come pre-baited, I added peanut butter. this morning, one of them was empty but the other contained THREE furry little rodents. No picture because although I don't want them in the house, neither do I wish to stress them more than necessary. They have been driven 1½ miles outside the village and released into a field hedgerow.

Although it was bloody irritating to find mouse poo in the same cupboard this morning, it was very satisfying that no food had been nibbled - putting everything in plastic tubs did the trick! Once I've cleaned up again the traps will be re-baited and left out.


  1. Yuk - mice in the kitchen cupboards - but isn't Tupperware the most marvellous thing!

    My two boys bring mice in occasionally - always alive and kicking, and always last thing at night - and then we have an energetic and enthusiastic game of 'catch the mouse' for release at the back of the shed.

    Luckily it is only rarely that we have a game of 'catch the fledgling' (although it is coming up to that time of year) and we once had a game of 'catch the frog' {eek!}

  2. What friendly and helpful pusskins you have! One of my friends lives with a small black killing machine called Lucy (which I reckon is short for Lucifer).

    She has managed to get a live blackbird through the cat-flap and once, bless her, a rat.

  3. My daughter's cat once dragged in a pigeon! No idea how it got THAT through the cat flap. Son-in-law was bit nesh about catching it so I picked it up and let it out. It was not injured at all. Just a touch puzzled I think.

  4. Must have been an intelligent pigeon if it was puzzled - most times I think they don't have a clue!

  5. Thank goodness my furbag doesn't do much hunting nowadays, but he did get a (dead!) magpie through the flap once, and rats on more than one occasion. These "presents" were in one piece, it was the mouse guts I always hated. And yes, the mouse chasing when one got away, always accompanied by much shrieking and jumping on chairs LOL!

    PS - good job on all the muck spreading Bilbo, you'll be so fit by the end of the summer you'll zoom up Ullock Pike!

  6. The Hairy One may not have been the easiest chap to live with but at least he's never brought me live presents . . .

    As for zooming up Ullock Pike, hmm, not sure about that!


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