Saturday, 21 February 2009

One Year On

We completed the legal gubbins exactly one year ago but did not fully move into Bag End until the end of the month so although we've been the owners for a year, I think of 1st March as our "proper" anniversary. However, the date deserves to be marked and what better way than to share the view from the kitchen sink at 8.00 this morning:


  1. Doesn't time fly when you're having fun?!! You've achieved so much in your first year, happy anniversary! Last December was our 15 year anniversary in this house, yikes!!!

  2. What a momentous and wonderful anniversary for you! Last Christmas was our 27th here ,,, even more Yikes!!! Just caught up with your blog and really felt for you when I read of the greenhouse and pond in Surrey! I know only too well that yearning to plant!! I am staggered by your patience and long-term plans and look forward to the birth of a garden! Jill (lakeslover)

  3. WELL DONE - cracking progress made in your first year, Bilbo! I was looking back at your early posts too, and I wonder what your tree 'inventory' looks like now? Surely you must be on the last of the Leylandii??

    Even if you don't share them with us just yet, I'm guessing that you have a planting plan up your sleeve for the coming months...


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