Saturday, 28 February 2009

Bag End visitors

I haven't forgotten this is meant to be a wildlife garden, even if I never seem to do any gardening and the place looks more like the aftermath of the October 1987 storm. This morning, this lovely Red spent ages in the garden.

Taken through glass I was pleased to catch the whiskers.

This afternoon I was treated to a good view of the ellusive little Treecreeper. She is a regular visitor to Bag End but very hard to photograph.

Haze on the picture because it was taken through glass, but at least you can see her very long claws.


  1. Well, squirrel photos seem two a penny at Bag End these days, but the Certhia familiaris is a nice surprise. Now you'd better start saving for that 300/2.8 lens...

  2. Great pictures. The squirel has a very black tail.

  3. This is our very dark one (not sure if it is Newbie from last year??), Blondie is completely the opposite and Scarface is somewhere in between!


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