Sunday, 1 February 2009

Very productive Saturday afternoon

Amazing what two people can get done in less than 4 hours! The weather forecast for next week is cold, windy, snow and ice but today has been lovely. Gusting wind but lots of sunshine and surprisingly warm, especially for the last day of January.

We got busy with the chainsaw with the aim of rendering down the large tree trunks that were left after October's felling.

This is the mess I've been looking at since early November and why Frustration has been building. It also shows the 21st century addition we acquired just before Christmas - we were dreading the installation of a footpath light at the bottom of the lane but give our Parish Council their due, it is angled away from the garden, not too bright and actually helps us when taking Canine One out at night.

Today's plan was to render down those large trunks into manageable sized discs. Management doing a damn fine job of demonstrating how to render down a trunk that is 20" across when the chainsaw bar is only 15".

Partial cut, roll trunk, finish cut. In truth it's a lot harder than that but you get the idea! I was happy to relinquish the saw for some of the time to give my back a rest.

And the result is slices ready to be split for the Log Store

Two trunks down, two more to go:

We got finished all but the last 4 foot of the final trunk. Some neighbours walked by and by the time they'd come in and had a chat it was too late and too cold to do more than put the tools away. Fingers crossed the weather holds so we can do a bit more tomorrow.


  1. Wow what a difference. I can see why your missing the windbreak but I bet the view is worth it.

    The energy companies arent going to be making much money out of you over the next decade or so with all the wood you have to burn and that's before you chop a few (for you) more trees down.

  2. You always have to go backwards before you can go forwards with a project like this. Looks like you made some good progress yesterday, it was a great day for chainsawing wasn't it :o) ? Today was definitely an indoors day, brrrrrr!!


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