Wednesday, 28 January 2009

A sunny Sunday afternoon

At 11.00 on Sunday I thought an hour or so in the garden would be a good idea - it was cold but bright and I could get a few logs moved - but finish coffee first.

At 11.10 it was peeing it down and there was no chance of getting outside in anything other than an Ark.

By 1.15 it was clear and bright again . . .

I did 45 minutes on my own and was able to move three small piles of pre-cut logs like this into the Log Store.

Then Husband joined me and we were able to shift all the remaining cherry logs from the front lawn. He then suggested we got the chainsaw out . . . and an hour later the three remaining large trunks from April 2008 were no more - but the pile of timber waiting to be split into Log Store sized chunks has grown considerablty.

(rhetorical question - if we can get the damn things cut and moved in an hour, why the smeg hadn't we done it sooner?)

And then because we're nuts and didn't have the sense to go indoors, we took a huge chunk off the overgrown Cotoneaster, one of many out of control shrubs along the boundary between us and next door.

Unfortunately this has left a tatty pile (right-hand side of photo) that will probably need to be burnt but the big "long-term" log pile is starting to look quite impressive.

We've left a good few feet between the logs and the house and eventually this pile might get covered with a tarp and left for a couple of years - guess it depends upon how fast we get through the Log Store and need to replenish it.

Given how slowly we're filling up the LS (or rather, just how much we seem to be able to store in it), replenishing could be a long way off!

And whilst we worked, this was our backdrop. Life is good . . .

(private note to J: yes, I know some of the Photoshop edits are atrocious. I am tired, I have a migraine, it's this or nothing . . . . .)


  1. If you keep going at this rate you'll need to think about putting some plants and shrubs in soon.

    From one migraine sufferer to another I hope the migraine clears up quickly.

  2. Great work Bilbo, and a view to die for - you don't get much better than that! In answer to your rhetorical question of why you didn't get the logs cut sooner (can't resist the gauntlet!), you were doing other things. I think it's a case of out of sight, out of mind, but don't you remember all that brush that was prepared and burnt in November???? That didn't happen by itself or overnight!

  3. Good work there! A friend of ours who burns logs from his farm says that cutting up wood for the fire warms you twice!


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