Thursday, 22 January 2009

Let Sleeping Dogs . . .

Is there anything more gorgeous than a deeply sleeping puppy?

OK, not exactly a puppy at nearly 14 years old, but he'll always be my baby.


  1. Oh he looks so pieceful sleeping there - very cute!!!

  2. Thanks for your comments girls.

    As Sue knows, my darling boy died a few months after these pictures were taken, but whilst he may no longer be on the bed, he is still in my heart.

  3. Wonderful pictures of a beloved friend.

  4. AWWWWW what a cute baby, I had a Maltese who would snore, guess it was just her getting old or her losing teeth... I would laugh when I would hear her, she would get really loud at times. We lost her last year but we have two of her puppies, they are now 11 years old..

  5. oh yeah! This doggy is having some good dreams on this soft, comfy quilt! Great picture of what looks like a wonderful dog on a very nice quilt!

  6. Wonderful photos and cherished memories.

  7. Thank you all for such kind comments.

    I expect to be DQ'd from SewCalGirl's competition because this post doesn't comply with all her rules but I am glad you have enjoyed looking at Mr Hairy having a good snooze!


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