Wednesday, 14 January 2009

A blizzard between Bowscale and Bannerdale

Happy Day - I got out on the fells yesterday for the second time this year! First outing was last week to Carrock Fell and High Pike with Stoke's biggest fan and the Loweswater Puffins, and a good day was had by all, thanks guys.

Yesterday's walk was roughly based on David Hall's trip to the same fells (8th January 2006) which shows much better pictures than I took. A peaceful six miles during which time I didn't meet another soul, saw a couple of people in the distance but that was all. I followed David's route straight up The Tongue for only half of the ascent and then decided I was having no fun at all so traversed across to the narrow path which eventually meets with the valley track. It meant I lost height but enjoyed myself more so was worth doing.

Lunch was very comfortable resting against the shelter on Bowscale looking at a distant Sharp Edge but cut short by ominous clouds rolling in from Skiddaw. When the clouds reached me they brought with them nasty, stinging, horizontal sleet/snow which made the ridge walk to Bannerdale's Curricks fairly unpleasant and meant I didn't get the lovely views of Blencathra that I had been looking forward to. Of course, the rest of the day was pleasant with sunny patches - typical!

After that a straightforward off-piste walk down White Horse Bent (if there's a path I never saw it) and then the track next to the Glenderamackin River back to the car at Mungrisdale (£2 honesty donation, another soap-box - I get very annoyed when people don't bother to pay this just because there is no ticketing system and they can "get away with it"). The walk-out was simple but extremely wet and boggy in places. Very pleasingly, the lightweight Salomon Elios shoes I was trying out got me back to the car with completely dry feet and it was a pleasure to use these boots, very good grip where the ground was slippery (and that was despite the best efforts of puddles, boggy bits and the Ford which was fairly deep and running fast).

Very few photos taken and those here are annotated for a friend who is planning a walk in the same area next month.

Taken from the top of White Horse Bent, just visible bottom-right is Mousethwaite Comb, the route up from Scales.


  1. Do I take it this is one of your favourite areas in the Lakes or is just that it is close to 'your neck of the woods', so to speak?

    Love your description of our mutual friends

  2. Yes to both, I've always loved the empty wildness of Back O'Skiddaw, and I was parked at Mungrisdale within 45 minutes (slow lorries on the A66 really don't help!)


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