Wednesday, 5 November 2008

woof, Woof, WOOF, WOOFFF!!!!

The normal soundtrack to my life has returned!

Ollie has worryingly quiet yesterday and not at all happy. This was to be expected, he'd had a lot of sedative and the vet explained (and apologised) that he had been man(woman) handled all over the place to get him into position for the X-rays and was probably going to be fairly uncomfortable.

This morning, after a night soundly asleep on the bed (funny how a 30 kilo dog takes up just as much room as a full-sized adult!), he woke in a happier mood. His walk today was much earlier and much longer than for the past week or so and when we stopped off for a chat with a neighbour he was definitely back to normal - he put up with wandering around N's garden for ten minutes and then stood just out of reach barking (shouting) at me, definitely Beardie-speak for "time to go home, stop chatting". This wasn't unhappy barking, it was bouncy, front feet off the ground, typical Beardie noise.

Breakfast was demolished at great speed followed by a healthy dose of Metacam. Right now he is relaxing on the lawn keeping a close eye on the red squirrel who is busy emptying the nut feeder. He'll probably be very unimpressed in half an hour when I make him come inside as I have to go shopping, shame . . . but I think he'll survive.

I've been asked what the "damage" was on Monday evening when we left the surgery. This is the price of 'peace of mind'. I think Pet Plan will cover some of it and if they don't, heck, that is what credit cards are for.

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