Thursday, 20 November 2008


I am normally very good about taking backups, in fact, I can be quite obsessive about backing up my data and have my photos and files replicated over three separate external drives.

Sadly I have not been as efficient in backing up a simple thing like all my bookmarks, and whilst updating to Firefox 3 yesterday I managed to lose a large number of very carefully organised and sorted bookmarks. B*gger. No-one's fault but my own but it will take me an age to restore them all.

Go on, toddle off and backup your Bookmarks - now!


  1. Done! Are you sure there isn't a file lurking around with the old bookmarks in? I can't believe an update to Firefox would have overwritten them. I've upgraded to V3 and don't remember having a problem.

  2. I'm on a Mac, and I assume you are on PC, but Firefox creates a backup every time you change the bookmarks. Look for a file something like bookmarks.bak


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