Friday, 3 October 2008

Utility Room: During

An "interesting" day (using 'interesting' in the same context as the saying "May you live in interesting times" - sigh). Plumber making good use of his time by working on the utility at the same time as remedial plumbing in loft and fitting a new expansion tank next to the boiler in the basement room.

The same basement room as holds all my surplus textile stores.

The one that was under 2" of water in the middle of the day when the expansion tank did exactly what it was meant to and vented water all over the place (in defence of the plumber who is a wonderful chap, see other blog, he hadn't finished plumbing the tank and had left the room to do something else, equally necessary, when I wandered down in a moment of idle curiosity and found water everywhere). A dehumidifier unit is now going full blast and apart from some stains on the old carpet that covers the floor, there is unlikely to be any lasting damage. If ever I needed a reason to keep things in water-tight, plastic boxes from The Really Useful Company then this is it!

And in true Bag End style, no job is ever simple and yes, there is a big hole in the floor where the sink & washing machine used to be and if I ever get my hands on the cowboys who originally did the plumbing in this area I may attempt to reduce their capability to father children.

And when we unpacked the sink this evening in order to leave it inside overnight it was discovered that the plumbing kit that should be in the box is . . . not in the box.

And in true Bag End style, the plaster is in a dreadful state and we'll end up needing redecoration on a level significantly in excess of my abilities.

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  1. I feel your pain Bilbo, I live in a house just like yours. Before you can do any job here you need to do ten others at vast expense, and often subsequently we find we've still done things in the wrong order and have to redo things at more expense. But we do get there in the end and it's usually worth it. Good luck with the works.


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