Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Utility Room: During #3

Nothing to do with the Utility Room but I'm going for consistency [grin] .

Fireworks in our loft and it's not even 5th November.

(please click to enlarge this - it's quite fun)

And yes, the chap in the striped shirt IS holding a fire extinguisher. The sparks travelled 20 feet or more and all three of us spent quite a while afterwards making sure nothing was smouldering.

The offending article - the original water tank, nearly as big as a bath and much heavier. This is just the two ends, there is an equally big middle section.

Finally, Wayne dealt with an annoying metal post that was sticking up in the driveway waiting to severely damage the bottom of any car careless enough to get too close.

I could have done that myself; I've found my angle grinder but it has a stone disc in and I've no idea where the metal ones are, one of the many things that will take about two years to surface! And you thought that living in the country was peaceful and nothing ever happens?

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  1. Love the photo of the sparks in the loft, what fun! Glad to hear you checked properly for smoldering remains! Looking forward to seeing the finished utility room, you're making great progress with house and garden. It's wonderful how quickly things move along when you've got the "men" in, even if the payment is painful!


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