Thursday, 2 October 2008

Utility Room: Before

To most normal people it would seem silly to go to the expense of refurbishing the Utility Room when we need a new roof, new boiler and goodness knows what else. We're not normal people {grin} and given the back door is our front door, we're in and out of the room 20 times a day with wet boots, wet dog and goodness knows what else, it makes sense to us to bite the bullet and try to get things the way we want them.

Laundry equipment where the freezers ought to be, freezers blocking the window where the washing machine needs to be. Complete mess and in need of a fairly radical overhaul.

Before - overcrowded and chaotic:

(the blue plastic tubs are full of bird food)

Everything moved out ready for carpenter and plumber.


  1. With no fridge/freezers blocking the window, does this mean that you can start enticing your furry visitors a little nearer that window to fill your lens? :)

  2. Might do! At least if I set the camera & tripod on this sink it won't be in imminent danger of getting steamed when the kettle boils (grin).

    Forgot to mention, at one point this afternoon we saw a squirrel on the patio about 4 feet from the window, so yes, it would not take much to entice them over for a "close up".

  3. Good luck with the refurb. As you know we are going through a similiar experience. Yesterday we found out that the shower unit and worktop we were hoping to avoid relacing are going to have to be replaced.


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