Wednesday, 15 October 2008

The trouble with wildlife

- is that it doesn't tend to play by any rules but its own and does not always know its place, and the Utility Room is certainly NOT the place for wildlife, especially not wildlife of the rodent kind.

Delay in getting to the duvet last night because I found a mouse in the utility room when I went to lock the back door and turn the lights off. Much time then spent muttering furiously as I searched the garage for a mousetrap which was baited with peanut butter. Bloody creatures, this wildlife gardening is all very well as long as the little sods stay in the garden!

Fortunately mice are not the smartest creatures and peanut butter is completely irresistible to them. This morning the small furry intruder was safely trapped and I've relocated her to the edge of a field at the top of the village, hopefully far enough away that she cannot come back. This might seem daft given how many other mice I know are in the garden but so far they've all stayed outside and I did not want this one telling her chums how warm and dry it was inside. It is also a very good reminder to me NOT to leave the lids off any of the bird food containers.

Edit - Sunday 19th October for Rachel: Good news, she hasn't come back yet! The trap is still set but all the tasty stuff is now secured in plastic tubs with close fitting lids.


  1. The utility room looks very tidy and spacious now. Maybe it just looks so inviting now that the mouse couldn't resist coming in to explore!

  2. Bet she's back within a week!!

  3. Thank you ladies!

    Angela, I don't think it is my perfect housekeeping (ha ha ha) which attracted her, more likely the fat balls for the birds which were in an uncovered basket.

    Rachel, if she does then it's out with the humane trap and in with the terminal stuff!

  4. We caught a mouse here a couple of years ago - yes, in the bird food cupboard! We re-located it behind the little bit of woodland opposite the house and as it scampered off we saw the local barn owl quartering the field. Oh dear!

  5. Oh yes, the little furry creatures cannot resist a bit of bird food. We had to buy some plastic drums after our visitation, though I'm afraid my man tends to start with the terminal approach - at least mousie dies happy!


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