Tuesday, 7 October 2008

The trouble with Digitial Photography

. . . is that it's all too easy to take loads of photographs, transfer them to the PC and then - nothing, nadda, no action, except an over-full folder on the C drive called "Photos to be sorted". But today it is wet and grey and definitely not a going outside day, so I've made the time to go through some images.

In July we had a fleeting visit from this young male Greater Spotted Woodpecker,

and last week a female found the peanuts.

One of our favourite visitors - a family of Long Tailed tits, we're lucky enough to have had six at one time, on this day there were four.

and whilst the rainbow was lovely, we could have done without the rain which preceeded it.

That'll do for now ... 166 more images to review and (mostly) delete!

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