Monday, 27 October 2008

Rain, rain, rain

Saturday was exactly as the previous night's forecast had predicted. Driving rain, high winds, absolutely horrible and no way the new camera was going outside to get wet.

By Sunday, things had calmed down considerably but the water levels continue to rise and I know that Waterloo Street in Cockermouth has flooded again. By midday the Derwent was higher than we'd seen it before, the tops of the fence posts are completely submerged so the water level has got to be 5 feet above normal (yes, I am daft enough that when everything dries out I will go down and measure it!). The water is spread over an area three or four times wider than the normal channel - imagine how high it would have to be if the fields were not there to take the spread?

Part of a fence has been swept out of the ground and is floating. The water might look calm and benign but the main river channel is flowing frighteningly fast.

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