Friday, 10 October 2008

Overnight Sensation

These beautiful fungus emerged overnight, probably helped by current high rainfall and surprisingly mild temperatures. In time I will learn to identify the different types but for now I am just very pleased to see another facet of the complex food chain which makes up a healthy wildlife garden.

And talking of complex food chain - I went outside this morning and as I stepped onto the patio I disturbed a Sparrowhawk feeding on a recently caught Wood Pigeon. Drat, if I had realised this was going on then a trip to the dustbin could have waited! I've seen the Hawk fly back once since, hopefully I did not upset it too much and it will return to finish the meal (I do hope so, otherwise I'll have to clear up the body before Canine One goes outside and finds it, he's rather partial to game but is used to it being boned and cooked first . . .). Fortunately the kill site is visible from both the study and utility room so with a bit of patience and fingers crossed I might get some interesting pictures.


  1. That group of fungi looks like a sculpture. Really beautiful.
    We once watched a sparrowhawk 'peel' a pigeon in my parents' garden.

  2. Excellent, you've got that sparrow hawk trained at last!!


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