Thursday, 30 October 2008

One Hour

In just one hour, two determined people can accomplish a surprising amount!

Last night, when Husband arrived home late from a business trip, he prowled around outside with a torch to try and see what was laying around the garden and announced "if you like, we'll do an hour with the chainsaw between 07.30 and 08.30, then I'll have a shower and be at my desk for 9.00". Bless him, he's been away three days, had a six hour journey home and is prepared to start at silly o'clock. I'd only managed another 1½ hours yesterday afternoon and me doing two hours a day just is not going to be enough

But that is exactly what we did, me running the chainsaw and Husband moving stuff. We accomplished a huge amount, very satisfying start to the day. I'm off to get the punctured tyre fixed and then I can work alone tidying up logs with the hand axe and moving stuff around. We might even do an hour at lunchtime (it would be one way of getting him to stop and take more than a 5 minute break which is all he normally does).

At 7.30am - this is how much ground I managed to clear yesterday (on Tuesday night the only area with no brush on it was a small corridor along the side of the fence so that Hairy One and I could get to the gate!)

At 08.30 after an hour's hard work (more has been cleared on the left behind the fallen tree but it's not visible from here).

The view that has been opened up now the trees are gone.


  1. However much hard work it was, and however much hard work there is still to do you can console yourselves that the views more than compensate.

    At this rate you'll soon be able to stitch together a near 180 degree panorama :)

  2. Those views must make all that effort worth it.

    Pleased to see your making progress.

  3. That's amazing, and wonderful to know that DH is as enthusiastic about the project as you. It's amazing how much more two people can achieve than one, I wonder if there's a mathematical equation? It's definitely more than twice!

  4. Ha ha James, I'll leave that for you and the ~really~ flash camera!!

  5. Thanks Sewali, DH was brilliant this morning, I was able to run the saw constantly for an hour and he jsut beavered away clearing up all the stuff I cut. I reckon we do together in one hour what it would take me three alone - all the stopping, starting, putting the saw down safely, really eats into the time.

  6. Your garden is going to be sooooooooo big once those trees are no more! and look at all the logs for the fire for the winter.....lovely! can't wait to see all you have acheived since we were last there - see you on the 22 Nov - or soon after might be better.

  7. Oh dear, you are making me soooo jealous with those views you keep uncovering!


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