Tuesday, 28 October 2008

October update

There has been a lot happen in the garden this month (when the weather has allowed) but I didn't want to record it until most of the tasks were completed.

The main job this month was to clear up the remaining timber and brush that has been littering the garden since 30+ Leylandii were felled in April. The big pile in the centre of this picture is brush that's waiting for an appropriate time to have a bonfire. All the logs from the bottom left of the picture have been moved to the huge tarp covered pile that is waiting to be cut up. (Note to self, must take tarp off tomorrow to let the pile breathe).

(click to enlarge, "Back" to return)

We've made a start on the Log Store but been driven inside by the weather the last two weekends. There is one more upright to go in centre front, the base is made but needs to be raised off the ground and secured to the uprights, and lots of Larch Slab is sitting waiting patiently for its turn to become sides.

Will we ever have nice shrubs and a tidy lawn like normal people?

The main "waiting to be burnt" pile - sadly, it is MUCH bigger than it looks.

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  1. I take it your hosting the village bonfire this year then.

    As I'm reading this on Wednesday morning I can only assume the pile is now even bigger or at least about to grow. That really is going to be a good bonfire.


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