Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Morning sadness

On the verge just up from our house, the body of the beautiful Brown Hare who has visited so often this summer. Looks like she was hit by a car and foxes have done the rest. Far too distressing to take pictures. This lovely creature harmed no-one and hurt nothing but will not see another Spring, not have a chance to breed. I can see birds taken by the Sparrowhawk without any emotion, it is natural and part of the food chain. Road kill is not natural. I ought to get a spade and move her body where Canine One will not find it next time we go out but right now I can't bear to.

I took these pictures earlier in the year.

Early one morning she was foraging for breakfast

Husband took this from his office window, not a bad accompaniment to a conference call.


  1. How sad. Someone else will no doubt move into the territory though. Hares always look so gentle don't they? It's the big eyes that do it.

  2. Thanks Mrs Flum. Even more sad is right now one of the local idiots is standing watching as her two completely out of control labradors tear into the body. Unfortunately I can see her through the hedge. Oh well, it makes a change from them shitting all over the pavement and her not clearing it up.

  3. Whilst rabbits are ten a penny, hares are somewhat rarer and in my eyes far more majestic in their appearance. What a shame. Maybe your long grass will provide an ideal form in the spring time, and you might have some leverets.

  4. How very sad.
    We supply "Please slow down for wildlife" car stickers and will gladly send you one if you let me know your postal address. It will not bring back your friend, but might just stop another wild animal from sharing the same fate.
    Rodney Hale
    Chairman - Hare Preservation Trust


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