Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Letting the light in

The front corner of the garden never receives any sun regardless of the time of year, and not much grows here either. Granted, the Leylandii are providing some protection from the prevailing winds but they are also busy trying to wreck the retaining wall with continually growing roots - they've got to go!

This was how it looked first thing Tuesday morning.

This is how it looks Wednesday morning.

It was a long day in bitterly cold conditions, at 4.00pm it was 0 degrees. Thankfully no wind otherwise I would have found it very unpleasant!

Unfortunately THIS is how the recently cleared garden looks.

Although John and his crew efficiently logged and limbed the first 2 trees to come down we realised that the two largest trees were taking far longer to fell than anticipated; they had to be nibbled away limb by limb because all the weight was to the front and we couldn't have multi-tons of timber landing on a road. I had to make a decision - "Down" or "Dismembered", I chose Down on the basis that I can do the logging and limbing myself, but I cannot fell a 40 foot Leylandii on my own. With the clocks having gone back this weekend we ran out of light at 5.15 . . .

I'm going to be a bit busy for the next few days, just pray the weather co-operates.


  1. Your already enviable view just keeps improving. if only some QA jobs would come up in Cumbria for John to apply for I wouldn't have to feel so envious.

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  4. No rest for the wicked then! Thats a lot of leylandii, don't wear yourself out.


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