Thursday, 23 October 2008

It is most definitely Autumn

Yep, leaves being blown off trees courtesy of what is probably the most severe gale we have experienced since living at Bag End. Accompanied, of course, by rain - horizontal, driving, double wet rain!

Despite the filthy conditions today we have a great deal of squirrel action in the garden, two of this years young are competing to see who can take the most hazelnuts, I have already had to refill the feeder and it is only 10.15. No chance of photos this morning, the light is too bad, but I took some earlier in the week that are moderately reasonable.

A very inquisitive little squirrel:

"Hmm, something unusual over there"

"Yep, I definitely need to investigate this"

"Ha ha, bird feeder blown over - peanut bonanza!"

There is definitely something wrong with this nose - dont know if he has been in a fight

Actually, moderately reasonable is stretching it a bit. The light has been awful most of the week, shutter speeds have been correspondingly slow and generally the photos have been consigned to the Recycle bin but I wanted to post something and these are the best I have managed since the weekend.

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