Friday, 10 October 2008


This morning I am grateful because:

* Despite exceptionally high winds last night, none of our trees fell down

* Despite a global programme of redundancies at Husband's company, for the time being his role appears to be secure

* Despite the Derwent having overflowed its banks within sight of the house we are 50 feet above the high water level and in no danger of flooding. There are currently 2 Flood Alerts and 10 Flood Warnings in place for this area

* There is now enough room on the Utilty Room floor for Canine One to lay down whilst I get him dry after a rather wet walk

* I had the foresight to place a bucket under the latest "suspect" area of the roof last night and the sitting room carpet avoided another soaking.

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  1. You seem to be catching all the rain up there at the moment, it's been sunny down here, but blustery. But they don't call it the Lake District for nothing, and your views are still much better than mine!!


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