Friday, 24 October 2008


The River Derwent has broken its banks over the fields in front of the house. The river is on Flood Watch from Keswick to the coast at Workington (about 20 miles).

If you look at the river just to the left of the "bend chevrons" on the bridge you can see the top of a line of fence posts (click to enlarge, backspace or "back" button to return). The normal river bank is 6 - 10 feet back from that fence. The road leading to the bridge is under 6" - 8" of water and vehicles are having to take it in turns to use the centre of the tarmac. Although our roof is leaking again over the sitting room (still waiting for Dale to come and fix it!) I am thankful we're 50 foot above the normal water line.

It is easier to see the fence posts in this photo.

The wind is gusting 25 - 30mph outside the house, goodness knows what it is doing up on the Fells.

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  1. The fells were saturated when John and i were on them last weekend. With all the rain forecast over the next few days I can see more flooding is inevitable.


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