Friday, 31 October 2008

Before breakfast

Husband and I did an hour together with the chainsaw before he started work. I've probably done another 3 - 4 hours during the day but short sessions with breaks in between for breakfast, dog walking, lunch, talking to the plumber - a fairly normal Bag End day!

From the usual vantage point the area is opened up considerably and there are now three piles of small logs waiting to be moved up the garden. Husband knows this is his first job tomorrow morning, bless him!

Now that a 40 foot high solid wall has been removed the amount of additional light coming into the garden is amazing. I was working in sunshine for most of the morning in an area that probably hasn't had direct sun on it for 20 years or more.

It amazes me to think that a year ago I would have looked at this and not known where to start. Now I look at a multi-stemmed mess of a tree and think "yeah, about two hours if we work together". This pile is about 25 foot long and 6 foot high (excluding the green brushy bits).

We can definitely see progress and we are absolutely determined to crack on and get all of the newly felled timber rendered down and stacked away without delay. Of course, it would help if we'd finished building the log store but there's only so many hours of daylight at this time of year!

On Tuesday afternoon there was no clear ground visible, it was all covered in branches.

Another large pile of brush waiting for a bonfire


  1. My what a lot of firewood you have :)

  2. There's no chance of you going cold this winter.

  3. I was just wondering whether we'll see your bonfire beacon if we look NNW out the attic window when you light it!

  4. Sorry I haven't been in touch for a while but thought your red squirrel pix fab. Not that I need to remind you, but dont forget to check your bonfire for any small mammals that might have taken shelter there! Sorry to hear about your dog - why do we become so attached to them I wonder?


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